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Building Improvement into the German Housing Finance Market

They have approximately 2 million customers, 43% of the market, and are committed to providing an efficient and customer focused service.

The Project & Solution

LBS West has used the LDRA tool suite since 1995 on a variety of projects designed to improve the efficiency of their IT provision and hence the service they provide to their customers. Some of the ways in which the LDRA tool suite has enhanced the company’s IT provision have included:

  • The testing of native, IBM Parallel Enterprise Server hosted, PL/1, Cobol and C/C++ applications.
  • Providing a benchmark for third party / contractor and internal software verification.
  • Testing date critical systems such as annual statements.
  • Analysis of back office system applications.
  • Developing software, so that the LDRA tool suite is an integral part of the development processes.

As Heinz Langer at LBS West commented: “With 2 million customers all waiting for documents at the same critical time, it is crucial LBS operates at maximum effectiveness. Having tested the particular computer systems using LDRA Testbed we can be confident that when we require critical systems to work at their maximum potential, they will.”

As a result of their collaboration with LDRA, LBS West has modified programming methods in order to reduce the number of remaining errors in the software and, as a result, reduce the likelihood of program crashes. Faults in many of LBS West systems have now been reduced to a minimum. LBS West is now able to assess and test software products developed by third parties to ensure that they meet LBS West’s stringent internal standards before they ‘go live’. All such software can be tested using the LDRA tool suite prior to release, ensuring consistent quality of programs and tests.


All companies like to feel benefits can ultimately be translated into numerical cost savings and LBS West is no exception. Heinz Langer commented:

“Before buying the LDRA tool suite we estimated conservatively the ROI (Return On Investment) from saved maintenance effort on our new back office system would cover our investment in the tool within 2 years. But after using the tools for acceptance tests we estimated that the savings gained from reduced testing time were already greater than the tool cost. For the development of particular systems I observed that the development time was reduced by about 25% and the testing time by about 75%, as well as the quality of testing and coding increasing.” He added, almost as an aside, “the improved and more professional service we provide our customers – what is that worth?” LBS West has become the market leader within their sector by providing a superior customer focused service. LDRA are proud to have played a part in, and to be associated with, the success of the company.