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Aerospace & Defence

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Automated Verification Sharply Reduces UIMDB Certification Time

“The LDRA tool suite adjusts to new targets quite easily, even when you’re testing DO-178B Level A object code..”

Richland Technologies Slashes Design and Certification Time for Advanced Avionics Systems

“The LDRA tools automate the part of software engineering that everyone hates — the mundane, repetitive verification tasks,”...”

CS Canada Relies on LDRA tools to Certify Engine-Control Systems

“It’s all about preventing errors at an early stage. The LDRA tool suite not only helps us ensure that requirements are verified and the code is...”

United Space Alliance Selects LDRA tool suite to Verify Software on Orion

“Once the LDRA tool suite has analysed the code, it knows the input and output, expected returns and types, and every function."


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HCC Raises the Bar on Quality and Reliability

“The LDRA tool suite is by far the best implementation we have found.”

Leveraging the LDRA tool suite for in-vehicle software (or electronic) platform development

“We have taken advantage of LDRA’s software analysis techniques to improve the quality of our software platform."

Industrial & Energy

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HCC Raises the Bar on Quality and Reliability

“The LDRA tool suite is by far the best implementation we have found.”

LDRA: Analox Lifeline for Compliance & Test Generation

"We’ve been able to increase productivity and quality while reducing costs.”

Building Improvement into the German Housing Finance Market

"Using LDRA Testbed we can be confident that when we require critical systems to work at their maximum potential, they will”


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CARS Automates Stringent Standards Testing of Complex, Multiplatform Application

"The LDRA tool suite supported all of embedded platforms very well, provided a comprehensive list of verification services and was easy to...”

Keeping Software Quality on Track

"The tools have reduced the testing time by 70%"

Speeding up the Trains

"LDRA Testbed has helped us to focus on our software development, to formalise procedures for code reviews and formulate the best test strategy...”


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LDRA tool suite Gives Edge to Esprit Lean Product Development

“We configured the LDRA tool suite to meet the company’s specific standard requirements as well as those of IEC 62304”