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Automated Verification Sharply Reduces UIMDB Certification Time

“The LDRA tool suite adjusts to new targets quite easily, even when you’re testing DO-178B Level A object code..”

Richland Technologies Slashes Design and Certification Time for Advanced Avionics Systems

“The LDRA tools automate the part of software engineering that everyone hates — the mundane, repetitive verification tasks,”...”

CS Canada Relies on LDRA tools to Certify Engine-Control Systems

“It’s all about preventing errors at an early stage. The LDRA tool suite not only helps us ensure that requirements are verified and the code is...”

United Space Alliance Selects LDRA tool suite to Verify Software on Orion

“Once the LDRA tool suite has analysed the code, it knows the input and output, expected returns and types, and every function."

LDRA Adds Fuel to the Development of Safety Critical Software

"We were able to find errors earlier in the software development process, lower development costs and increase productivity.”

Flying High with the LDRA tool suite

"LDRA’s tools are classified as software verification tools under the DO-178B standard and as such are required to be qualified on a...”

Making use of the LDRA tool suite

“The reduction in manual effort included the automatic production of complex test harnesses and stub code by the unit testing tool, TBrun, which...”

LDRA Rises in the East

"LDRA have a large number of rules within the tool suite including MISRA C / MISRA-C:2004, which assists greatly with meeting customer...”

LDRA are Instrumental in the Lightning II Project

"Once the scheme for instrumenting and capturing the coverage data had been designed, it was then quickly possible to automatically instrument...”

LDRA Climb on Board NASA’s 'Return to Flight' Mission

"LDRA met and exceeded all of our requirements for the Laser Camera System on the Return to Flight program.”

LDRA – The tool of choice

"The LDRA tool suite has assisted greatly in testing and certifying the source code to DO-178B Level A”

LDRA Putting the Standards to the Test

“LDRA is becoming so popular here that once software engineers have used the LDRA tool suite they are insisting they need to have it available at...”

Achieving DO-178B Level A with LDRA “better structured code without errors” for Penny & Giles

"LDRA have been responsive to our needs and provided good customer support. The tools are powerful, flexible and configurable to the needs of the...”