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LDRA Certification Services

The most effective way to minimise certification risk and its associated cost is to seek the credentialed expertise offered by the LDRA Certification Services (LCS) team. LCS is a division of LDRA  that offers the first comprehensive and fully compliant FAA and EASA certification solution. Proficient in both commercial and military airworthiness regimens, only LCS can address all critical project requirements as they relate to certification, including management and planning, staff training, development, verification, and production. LCS is unique in offering fixed-price solutions for even the most challenging certification opportunities.

The LCS team is credentialed by the FAA across all aviation disciplines, including:

  • Aircraft & Systems Development (ARP-4754A)
  • Safety Assessment (ARP-4761)
  • Integrated Modular Avionics (DO-297)
  • Flight Electronic Hardware (DO-254)
  • Flight Software (DO-178B/C)
  • Ground Systems (DO-278A)

The LCS certification proficiencies and associated tools also extend into other safety-critical markets such as industrial control, automotive, medical device, nuclear power, and transportation systems.

LCS support includes 

  • FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER) services. Services include certification roadmaps and FAA compliance findings and certification liaisons (FAA, EASA, TCCA, CAAC). The LCS FAA DER works with clients at or near project inception, followed by training, stage-of-involvement audits, and general support; consulting days are also available.
  • LDRA Compliance Management Services (LCMS) services. LCMS facilitates the solution-based services offered by LCS including the Certification Roadmap and Finding Of Compliance backed by LCS Level A DERs. ARP 4754A, DO-178C, DO-278A and DO-254 applicants are supported by LCMS.
  • LDRA tool suite services. The LDRA tool suite and the complementary LDRA Compliance Management System (LCMS) facilitate all phases of the DO-178B/C and DO-278A life cycles, including the necessary finding of process compliance documents, checklists, and review infrastructure to realise certification.
  • DO-178B/C development and verification services. Verification services compliant with DO-178B/C can be applied to new or existing software designs for any segment of the DO-178B/C life cycle. All of the artefacts including documentation, records, and data are provided with the DO-178B/C package levels A through to D.
  • DO-254 development and verification services. LCS supports hardware electronic design at the box/LRU, board/circuit card, or FPGA level. Designs are compliant to DO-254 Level A through D and all of the artefacts including documentation, records, and data are provided. LCS will also apply any of the DO-254 life cycle in preparation for certification of existing designs, whether complete or prototype.
  • Training. LCS training includes world-class on-site or web-based training for DO-178C, DO-278A, DO-254, ARP 4754A, ARP 4761, and IMA (DO-297). LCS courses are created and delivered by Level A FAA DERs and safety specialists. Course outlines, including customised seminars, are available upon request.
  • Packaged Services. FAA SOI audits are performed by LCS Level A DERs and can be performed for DO-178 / DO-278 / ED-109 software levels A through D. Significant price reductions are extended to LCMS customers. Gap analyses are also offered for DO-178C/DO-278A and DO-254 applicants.