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Code Quality Review

Manual code inspections for today’s systems are no longer cost-effective due to the increasing size and complexity of modern applications. Instead, developers need to quickly and effectively assess the quality of their code using software metrics for testability, maintainability, and clarity. Each of these characteristics are fundamental in the overall assessment of code quality, and the process for determining them requires software quality metrics tools to efficiently measure code quality.

See Which Tools Are Right For You? for help choosing your customised tool suite.

Code Quality Review Tools from LDRA

  • LDRA Testbed and TBvision provide a graphical static and dynamic analysis tool for code quality metrics and review
  • Dynamic Data Flow Coverage (DDFC) is an optional module that examines exactly which variables were used during run-time execution of the application
  • LDRArules is a cost-effective, stand-alone rules checker that doesn’t require investment in the complete tool chain

LDRA automates code quality review

Our quality review tools analyse the code and report on metrics for testability, maintainability, and clarity. Even beyond these metrics, LDRA helps you identify and visually highlight areas of code which may require refactoring. You can easily configure the parameters of the overall quality model to meet the needs of your organisation or application requirements.

  • See how a code review can be performed on C++ source code and how baselines can be created to show how the number of coding violations evolves over time.