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Test Management

With today’s complex embedded applications, you need to develop and execute effective tests against your software. Equally important is knowing when to re-run those tests as your requirements or the software changes and to ensure that your code’s performance or functionality hasn’t degraded.

But if you’ve been writing your own tests and have built up an extensive library, how do you manage them? What are your methods of creating and maintaining tests and assigning them to team members? Test management gets even more complicated when changes occur in the software development process. Now you need to track the impact of the change on other files, manage how the changed code and related code should be tested, and schedule when it should be tested and by whom.

See Which Tools Are Right For You? for help choosing your customised tool suite.

Test Management Tools from LDRA

  • TBmanager lets you assign tasks to individuals on the team based on requirements.
  • TBevolve is an optional plug-in that lets project teams monitor the impact of code changes on their testing process.
  • The LDRA tool suite is ideal for development teams who are moving to a more formal development process to improve code quality and maintainability, including static and dynamic analysis, coding standards compliance, and unit, integration, and system testing.

LDRA provides an automated approach to detecting requirements or software changes

Our tools not only detect the change, but then re-run the appropriate tests against the affected components. Verification activities can be easily assigned and tracked to team members, and the resulting artifacts are aggregated into a clean set of reports.